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Render cleaning – a new solution

Are your exterior walls not looking their best?  Here are some common problems we see in many villages and towns in East Devon:

  • Red, Black or Green staining on walls
  • Mould growth
  • Dull looking ‘white’ and light coloured wall – all the brightness of the fresh painting now is replaced with a dull dirty looking property

Many people think the correct next move is to repaint their house, some do this every year.

Newsflash – Painting over mould and algae is a bad idea!

By painting over the mould, you have covered it for a while, but without TREATING the problem first, sadly the money and time invested in having your walls painted is wasted.

The spores remain and they will begin to grow through and spoil the new paint work.

Is it possble to have bright clean render on my property that remains clean for many years?

Thankfully the answer is simply yes!  The ‘Clean and Maintain’ system used by Gutter Cleaning Honiton brings excellent results, we guarantee it.

We use softwashing solutions that do two things:

  1. CLEAN – Treat the mould and algae to give rapidly improved look to your property.  We apply a biocide to the exterior of the home, this product reacts and kills and oxidises the colonisation, giving instant results.
  2. MAINTAIN – The second product we use provides ongoing protection against the regrowth of mould and algae.  This treatment can last for 2 to 3 years depending on the nearby trees etc.  We recommend an annual or Biennial ‘top up’ treatment of this biocide to keep your property always looking its best.

Why is Softwashing better than pressure washing alone?

When it comes to render, pressure washing walls on anything other than very low pressure can easily damage the render.

Softwashing on the other hand offers a much simpler, safer solution to remove the mould and algae.

Pressure washing simply blasts away the top layer of grime and algae growth.  Deeper into the render the spores remain and will grow back quicker than many would want.

For drives and paths, mould grows much quicker as the surface has moisture sat on it for longer, so we recommend combining pressure washing with softwashing.  This provides the instant clean look, but by combining that with a biocide, the drive stays cleaner for much longer.

I love my plants and lawn – will the use of Softwashing solution damage them?

This is a primary concern of many people.  To reduce or elimate the risk we do the following:

  • We minimise the spray drift and run off by carefully applying the biocides.
  • We can cover any plants that are particularly exposed to drift spray
  • We thoroughly drench with fresh water any grass or plants that will be at risk from run off or drift spray.  We do this before, during and after treatment.  We have found that this dilutes the solution enough to not cause any lasting damage

I don’t live in Honiton, which towns and villages do you cover?

Based in Combe Raleigh, we carry out pressure washing and gutter cleaning in Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury, Cullompton, Broadhembury, Talaton, Payhembury, Honiton, Feniton, Ottery St Mary, West Hill and Dunkeswell.